Our Rentals

Corolla Beach Rental Equipment

We’ve got you covered with all of your Beach Rental essentials.

10×10 Tents!

Very limited availability.

$200 / Day
$500 / Week
$1000 / 2 Weeks

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Beach Umbrella

Our Umbrellas are Sunbrella canvas and measure 7’ in diameter with a coated steel frame. They provide 100% UV protection. One umbrella provides shade for up to two people.

$30 / Day

$80 / Week

$160 / 2 Weeks

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Chaise Lounge Chair

Our chaise lounge will truly make your days on the beach the best they can be. A lightweight aluminum frame with a sling mesh fabric made from recycled materials.

$25 / Day

$70 / Week

$140 / 2 Weeks

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Beach Chair

Our beach chairs are the classic wood and canvas high back style and sit about 1’ off the ground. The have three reclining positions and recline ¾ of the way back.

$20 / Day

$50 / Week

$100 / 2 Weeks

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Corolla Light Beach Rentals Towels

Beach Towel Service

Don’t worry about your towels this summer, we got you!  We will deliver fresh clean beach towels to your desired location every day all week.  We will swing by and collect the used towels at the end of each day.  Our towels are 30×60 and are 95% cotton 5% poly.  So, just tell us how many you need and they will be there waiting for you on your chairs first thing in the morning.

$25.00 / Towel / Week

$70.00 / Towel / 2 Weeks

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Cooler With Ice

Our coolers are that standard 48 quart size, much like the red and blue ones you have seen all your life. We fill it about ½ way with ice and place it at your desired location every day, all week. We just ask you remove any trash from the cooler before leaving the beach.

$100 / Week

$200 / 2 Weeks

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Beach Storage Lockers

Stop lugging all your beach gear to and from the beach.  Our beach storage lockers can hold all of your tents, toys, chairs, and anything else you need.  The lockers are 4’x4’x4′ and are secured with a combination lock.  Rent weekly or seasonal.

$175/ Week
$350/ 2 Weeks

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Spike Ball

Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball.

$20 / Day
$50 / Week
$100 / 2 Weeks

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Kan Jam

The #1 Outdoor Party Game in America. Kan Jam is a tremendously fun and popular competitive team game in the same family as Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, cornhole, and basketball.

$20 / Day
$50 / Week
$100 / 2 Weeks

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Cornhole Game

Standard cornhole set complete with 8 bags.

$20 / Half Day

$50 / Day

$125 / Week

$250 / 2 Weeks

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Double Kayak

The Maibu II is a great water activity for the whole family. It comes with everything you need. Life jackets, back rests, and paddles.

$45 / Half Day

$60 / Day

$180 / Week

$360 / 2 Weeks

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Stand-Up Paddle Board

Go out for a paddle! Our Stand Up Paddle Boards are compact all around with incredible floatation and stability. New smaller size that makes it easier to use and transport but, super stable @ 205 liters

$20 / Hour

$40 / Half Day

$60 / Day

$150 / Week

$300 / 2 Weeks

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Soft Top Surf Board

Our soft surfboards are great for kids and beginners. They come in 8’0” and 8’6” lengths. Pick one!

$10/ Hour

$20/ Half Day

$35 / Day

$105 / Week

$210 / 2 Weeks

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Body Board

Grab some waves on the 42″ slick bottom body board.  Wrist leash included.

$15/ Half Day

$30 / Day

$40 / Week

$80 / 2 Weeks

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